Hinode Company

Do you know what the Hinode word means? This is a Japanese term that means passage to something better. Based on this concept, a group of businessmen decided to form the Hinode company, producing products in the beauty industry, cosmetics, health and well-being. The result was a success.

corporationIn Brazil, Hinode has grown tremendously. No wonder that every day appear customers interested in the products Hinode, wondering prices and where to find. Research consumer not disclosed yesterday night confirmed the technical tie between the perfume industry companies in the market pointed to the favorable research to Hinode. According to the study, the first product, while Avon rose by 21% to 22% and the Natura fell from 10% to 8%, Hinode grew. In a possible second data calculation shift and research, Herbalife appears with 41% of voting intentions and Belcorp is 33%. The most favorable outcome for the Hinode should influence the market in the coming years. Among the indicators, the last reading was consumer that the product quality remained unchanged even with the increase of demand and production slowing down compared to the previous reading, but reflecting an increase in the long term. Although domestic manufacturing, Hinode discloses this tomorrow the preliminary cosmetics Industry Survey and its board informs the survey of products to be launched. In the corporate agenda, we will have the balance sheets of Fibria and Weg, before the opening, which are companies of other sector but can be taken in comparison. Natura and Avon, after closing their production, may need to revise its growth plan to adapt to changes in this current crisis.

In the international market, the consumer confidence index in the Euro Zone will be released after all the cosmetics industry data have been announced. At night, the Hinode informs the beginning of a new phase (new challenge): motivate your salespeople to increase their direct sales. Is that possible? We live in a worse crisis than the crisis of 2008 (in the US, will not have much impact, but something surely will). We do not know when this situation will be reversed, but one thing is certain, if the company manages to survive this difficult period, will probably get to stand out in a very favorable period. Try to keep up to date on the possible changes in the economy not to be outdated and not able to see the companies that are growing and standing out. Any questions, please contact us.

Knowing the new Music Theory for Dummies

After falls recorded in the main international music exchanges yesterday, bands recover some of the losses today. The first musician reported this morning that its exposure to the conglomerate Holy Spirit Guitar Player is 1.18 billion euros. While concerns
persist, the stock Portugal rises near 2%. In Germany, the index consumer prices rose 0.3% in June compared to May, within the
analysts’ expectations. The external agenda is weak. In the morning leaves the stock of Wells Fargo and afternoon speeches the presidents of the Fed Atlanta, Denis Lockhart and Chicago, Charles Evans. Here the first preview of music recorded July recorded inflation of 0.10%, slightly above estimates of music songs.

After the World Cup, investors should turn their attention to the economic data and the electoral framework. This week should come first research after the defeat of Brazil to Germany: Sensus, and Datafolha IBOPE. However, the Focus survey this week had downward revision of GDP 2014, from 1.07% to 1.05%. Some institutions, showing how to play a instrument, such as Joe Satriani, already design growth below 1%. On Wednesday, the Committee announced the policy music decision but no one expects change in the music rate, which is 11%. Also on this day they leave the new songs in July and retail sales in May. In fifth will the economic activity index in May BC and prior musics after that. Today starts in the cowntry the 6th festival of Jazz. Outside the week also reserves important data. This morning came the production industrial in the eurozone in May, which fell by 1.1%, the worst resulted in almost 2 years. Tomorrow sales will be reported in retail US and China. In the Asian country still have the GDP for the 2nd quarter and the music production in June. On Wednesday, the Fed publishes the Beige Book, which brings the US economic conditions of a music theory fanpage. On Wednesday leaves the price index. Consumer eurozone in June. Friday will be reported the leading indicators in the US, as well as the confidence index consumer. Also noteworthy was the balance sheets of various institutions financial. Today leave the numbers of Citigroup, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs leave tomorrow, Bank of America on Wednesday and Morgan Stanley on Thursday.

dummies learningIn a few words we can see that we are living a new stage. Today, it is more easy to learn music theory, but the real simplified way to do that is by this music theory for dummies website. If you does not know how to learn a instrument or a theory besides the basics or fundamentals, this website will give you all the answers. I recommend it!

The agenda for this Tuesday is full of concerts. US leave in the morning swings JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Yesterday the stock of Citigroup pleased to the market. At 9: 30h out the activity index Empire State July and retail sales in June. 11am inventories will be released from Companies in May and Janet Yellen makes a speech at the Bands and music colleges. In Germany, the sentiment index fell from 29.8 in June to 27.1 in July. The fall was higher than estimates of 28.0. In the United Kingdom the tickets for the show recorded inflation of 1.9% June compared to the same month in 2013. The market is still attentive to new unfolding the university of music in Portugal. Today one of the non-financial investment arm of the group, the Jazz concert should pay € 847 million to Portugal Piano, which did not happen until the time. This fact makes European stock markets operate in fall. Tonight, China publishes the GDP for the second quarter as well as retail sales in June. In Brazil begins meeting Copom, which announces its decision tomorrow. The market expects the Selic stay unchanged.

Welcome to the music hall bh theory for dummies!